We Provide

End-To-End Ecommerce Enabler
& Brand Launching Services

To Help Brands & Companies Grow In Viet Nam

What Can We Do
For Your Brand In Vietnam

Market Insight

Our team of experienced retail & ecommerce experts will help with an in-depth overview of the Vietnamese market, as well as an analysis of business models, the potential for revenue growth of online & offline channels

Business Strategy

We give brand clear guidances on Vietnam market-entry strategy, orient which channels are the high efficiency to grow your business along with immense target customer’s brand awareness

Warehouse & Suply Chain

Easily manage the complex and dynamic supply chain network with Urban City WSS. No matter your business size is, we have the know-how to operate from market-entry to full-scale

Digital Marketing

We take a “big picture” in regards to growth – combining branded Content Localization along with Our Digital Performance & Branding Service for maximizing brand’s goals

Store Operation

We designate a dedicated team for each brand to ensurely maximize user’s online-store/product experience via professional content, visual and assortment management

Customer Relationship

We commit end-shopper would have superior customer experience via 360 CRM Solution (E-platform & Social Media 12/7 Live Chat, Telesale, E-mail)


Provide comprehensive fulfillment service in accordance with your business capability: orders processing, return handling, packaging customization.etc.

Make us pround

We work with the best

our DNA

Customers First

We always set ourselves as your in-house team aiming at the most comprehensive and effective solutions for growth


We’re not here to spend time with some fancy words, but let data and your brand growth metrics represent it all


Urban City designates a dedicated team & tailors a unique solution for each brand to capture growth opportunities whenever possible


We work with integrity in everything we do, and embody our principles when working with customers, partners and colleagues


E-commerce Enabler Service

Urban City provides full services essential to launching a successful e-commerce experience in Vietnam

Brand Launching Service

We provide the 360-degrees of services needed to successfully launch a brand/ product campaign in Vietnam

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